Greasy gears in the machine.

Many components in the streaming video value chain don’t speak natively to one another. Yes, many use web-based protocols enabling them to easily publish data but most of them were built as stand-alone entities. That kind of disconnection makes it inherently difficult to piece together an end-to-end streaming video workflow which can result in kludgy solutions that are difficult to upgrade, maintain, and operate. Selecting, implementing, employing, and even building component technologies for streaming video can unearth a number of tough questions:

  • “How do I connect technologies together to enable tighter and more seamless integration?”
  • “When I’m creating my own technology, how can I design it to better interoperate with other streaming video components?”
  • “Is there a common format for data across the streaming video value-chain?”

The Streaming Video Alliance is looking hard at how the online video pieces fit together seamlessly, which will promote a more efficient end-to-end workflow through better communication between technologies.