Exploring the Topic

Example Questions

Just as people consume more online video content, so too do video libraries increase in size and scope. Just a few years ago, big video libraries were measured in Terabytes. Now it’s hundreds of Terabytes and, for the really large providers, even Petabytes. As video libraries swell in size, providers need to have a strategy by which to manage video assets and, more importantly, the metadata associated with them. Failing to have a good management strategy can result in poor end-user experiences (as users wade through pages and pages of titles online).

Implementing the most effective way to manage large libraries of online video can pose some serious questions:

  • “What data elements should I expose to enable users to search through my library?”
  • “What is the best way to organize my library to make it more easily searchable?”
  • “How can I effectively share my library data to make it available for integration into other services?”

The Streaming Video Alliance is interested in identifying the best practices involved in managing large video libraries to most effectively enable search, discovery, recommendation, and other online video features.