Exploring the Topic

Example Questions

As traditional content owners and broadcasters migrate to online distribution, business models must adapt as well. The mechanisms for advertising in linear broadcast don’t work for online video and streaming presents new revenue opportunities (such as direct-to-consumer subscriptions). But failing to figure out the best way to monetize online video can be disastrous, especially as costs mount for electronic distribution.

As content owners and broadcasters tackle this topic, they face a number of critical questions:

  • “How do I get advertising parity between my linear broadcast and online ads?”
  • “What are the technical implications for employing both subscriptions (i.e., direct-to-consumer) and traditional distribution?”
  • “Are there alternate ways to sell content (i.e., a-la-carte, by-the-minute, etc.) rather than through subscriptions and how do I implement those effectively?”

The Streaming Video Alliance is working with industry leaders to understand the best practices around monetization and the technological guidelines that will help content owners and broadcasters migrate traditional video delivery business to online distribution.