Exploring the Topic

Example Questions

Delivering a great video experience to an online audience is critical for content success. A poor playback experience can ruin even good content! But tracking what’s happening with a player (and what the consumer is actually seeing) is difficult and challenging. Not only does the player need specialized code to capture key events (like startup time and buffering events), but the content owner or distributor needs server-side infrastructure to crunch and visualize the data.

Providing the best possible playback experience exposes a number of tough questions:

  • “What player metrics should I collect and what are the industry thresholds for measuring them?”
  • “Can I measure my content experience using synthetic users or should I only focus on real user measurement?”
  • “What should I look for in a player?”

The Streaming Video Alliance is focused on identifying the best practices, guidelines, and specifications that will enable organizations to ensure they can provide the best possible end-user online video experience.