pirating a movie

Protecting content is a critical part of delivering it. Content owners and distributors want to ensure that their online video is protected from theft which can involve a host of different technologies across a myriad of devices. Only just one type of security isn’t enough. In order to fully protect video assets, a multi-layered approach must be used which can prompt a number of different questions content owners and distributors need to answer:

  • “What’s the best way to integrate DRM packaging into a video distribution workflow?”
  • “What are the various security layers I can implement and how do I make them interoperable?”
  • “How do I protect sensitive consumer data during content transactions?”

The Streaming Video Alliance is focused on solving the critical challenges facing organizations as they adopt more security layers to protect their video content and providing the best practices, guidelines, and specifications they will require to make a multi-layered security approach seamless and interoperable.