What are the different membership levels?

The Streaming Video Alliance has two primary membership levels. The first level, Supporting, is designed for companies that want to listen and observe but can’t commit to contributing. This means they can attend meetings and working group sessions but can’t contribute to documents (such as reviewing or writing sections), can’t...

Is the Streaming Video Alliance a standards body?

No. The Alliance will submit any draft specifications created to the appropriate standards body (e.g. IETF, CTA, etc.) for ratification. We have formed a number of liaisons with other industry bodies and we will continue to do so as we create a network.

Who runs the Streaming Video Alliance?

The Alliance is a non-profit, non-equity, 501 (c)(6) organization incorporated in the state of Delaware. The Alliance is governed by the Board of Directors and managed by an experienced team.

Who are the members?

The Streaming Video Alliance members span the ecosystem of the streaming video industry. They include network operators (like ISPs), service providers (like CDNs), content owners, and technology companies. A current list of our members (organized by membership level) can be found here.