What are the different membership levels?

The Streaming Video Alliance has two primary membership levels. The first level, Supporting, is designed for companies that want to listen and observe but can’t commit to contributing. This means they can attend meetings and working group sessions but can’t contribute to documents (such as reviewing or writing sections), can’t...

How often does the Streaming Video Alliance meet?

The Alliance holds membership meetings three times per year. Two of these meetings take place in North America (one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast). They are often hosted at a member company and are two-day events. They include working group sessions, presentations on the meeting...

How do I get a board seat?

There are two ways to become a board member. The first is by joining the organization as a Sponsor member. These members pay an annual fee for a permanent seat on the board. Each Sponsor member must be approved by a unanimous board vote. The second way is to be...

Who are the members?

The Streaming Video Alliance members span the ecosystem of the streaming video industry. They include network operators (like ISPs), service providers (like CDNs), content owners, and technology companies. A current list of our members (organized by membership level) can be found here.

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