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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 10:00am (PST)

One thing is clear about consumer behavior when it comes to watching video-on-demand: people want to watch it whenever and wherever they want. Unfortunately, especially as more consumers gravitate towards mobile devices on inconsistent Wi-Fi and cellular networks, achieving a high-quality experience is fraught with difficulties. Enter download-to-go. This functionality, pioneered by Netflix and Amazon, allows consumers to download content to their phones for off-line viewing, ensuring the highest quality viewing experience without having to worry about spotty network coverage. But how do you implement this solution? Is there a way this solution can be applied to connected storage in the home? In this panel, you’ll learn about the intricacies involved in implementing download-to-go functionality, how the feature is evolving to potentially make use of in-home storage, and many of the challenges associated with providing this kind of service to subscribers.

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Topics Covered

  1. Please describe what Penthera does and the download-to-go functionality you’ve enabled for video distributors.
  2. What are the key technical considerations a video distributor or content owner must keep in mind when considering whether or not to enable download-to-go services?
  3. What are the biggest challenges for enabling download-to-go services?
  4. Right now, download-to-go seems like a very user-driven service. But is there an opportunity to be more intelligent about it? To proactively download content that the user might be interested in?
  5. Is download-to-go strictly a “dumb storage” solution or can it be combined with compute and other services to provide more functionality?
  6. How do analytics work in measuring the download-to-go experience? Is data collected from an app combined with streaming data to provide a complete picture of a user experience?
  7. What is the long-term outlook for consumer demand of download-to-go video consumption? Is it growing?
  8. Obviously, buffering and start-up time (to key measurements for streaming video) aren’t really applicable with download-to-go services. What are the key metrics that video distributors should be measuring to ensure a great user experience?
  9. Is there any way that advertising can be integrated with downloaded video assets (i.e., linear broadcast on-demand)? What are the most likely scenarios and how would the technology work?
  10. How is encoding managed with downloaded assets? Is it common practice to give the user the option of specifying the quality of video they want?
  11. Is there anyway to repurpose download-to-go storage on the device as an “edge” or “local” cache? What would need to be done in order to enable this kind of functionality?


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Josh Pressnell (CTO at Penthera)

No bio available.

Josh Pressnell (CTO at Penthera)

No bio available.

Moderated by Jason Thibeault

Executive Director

Jason Thibeault is the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance, a global association of companies collaborating to solve critical challenges in delivering a better streaming video experience and increasing adoption. Prior to this role, Jason spent eight years at Limelight Networks, a leading CDN, where he held several roles including product manager and marketing strategist. Jason is an inventor on multiple technical patents in the streaming industry and a proven entrepreneur. He is also a contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine.

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