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Securing Live Streams (January)

Online video piracy is a growing problem. Although there are several very good technologies, like watermarking and DRM, that can secure a live stream against …

Video Caching Best Practices (February)

Caching is a critical element of the streaming video delivery infrastructure. By storing objects as close to the viewer as possible, you can reduce round-trip …

Fixing the Streaming Video Ad Problems (March)

As OTT has matured, so too have the monetization models. Making money from OTT is no longer just about subscriptions. Advertising is playing a bigger …

Everyone Is Streaming. Can the Infrastructure Handle It? (April)

COVID-19. The pandemic has shut down businesses, schools, events, and more. Governments worldwide have ordered people to shelter-in-place. The result has been a sudden and …

Improving Streaming Video Metadata (June)

If you ask streaming video viewers about the experience of finding content across multiple OTT platforms, they will all pretty much agree that the process …

Demystifying Video Delivery Protocols (July)

When streaming hit center stage, it was dominated by RTMP and RTSP. But these were proprietary protocols, requiring dedicated servers and infrastructure. Then came chunked …

AdobeStock_179844141 [Converted]
Optimizing Video Analytics (August)

Streaming providers have long been focused on Quality of Experience metrics. KPIs like buffer ratio, time-to-first byte, and average bit rate. But there are a …

Preparing for 5G Video Streaming (September)

You’ve seen the hype. 5G is coming. Unfortunately it’s not anytime real soon. Consumers will need to upgrade their devices, mobile operators will need to …

The Role of the Edge in Video Streaming (October)

Edge Networking is the new darling of the cloud space. Seemingly on everyone’s lips, the Edge is heralded as The Next Big Thing in networking. …

Open Caching Goes Mainstream (November)

In this webinar, panelists will talk about implementing and deploying edge caching solutions based on the Alliance’s Open Caching specifications, citing real-world examples such as …

Live Sports Streaming Best Practices (November)

Live sports streaming is online video’s current big battle ground. Everyone from rights holders to rights licensors, from broadcasters to sports leagues, are jumping on …


Video Delivery Trends for 2019 (February)

Despite its growing popularity, streaming video is a relatively young technology, especially when compared to traditional broadcast television. As such, it is still undergoing rapid …

Edge Computing and Video Delivery (March)

Whether or not edge computing is the next generation of cloud technology, the edge plays a vital role in the streaming video experience. The closer …

Reducing Stream Latency (June)

Consumers have been spoiled by traditional broadcast television—they sit on the couch, grab the remote, press the power button, and, WHAM, TV jitter free and …

Scaling Video Delivery (August)

There is no doubt that streaming video is here to stay. Every month, more consumers log into and subscribe to one or more OTT services. …

Video Ad Optimization (October)

Whether people like them or not, ads in their videos are not going away anytime soon. In fact, as viewership continues to transition from traditional …

End-to-End Monitoring Best Practices (December)

Understanding the viewer’s streaming experience is critical to surviving in today’s highly competitive video landscape. Without a clear picture of what’s happening on the user’s …


Optimizing Video Playback: How to Create Repeat Performances (January)

Audiences today expect “broadcast quality” from their online video. They want it to be just like watching television. But the Internet isn’t the same as …

Optimizing the Live Stream (February)

As consumers watch more online video, they are turning ever increasingly to live streaming—sporting events, concerts, prime-time television, and more. But delivering live streaming, to …

Online Video Formats: 2018 And Beyond (March)

Recently, we have seen renewed attention on HEVC following Apple’s announcement to support the codec on their devices. 6 months later, Apple surprisingly became a …

Multicast ABR (May)

When it comes to online streaming, we live in a unicast world. And that’s a problem. As more consumers gravitate towards anytime, anywhere video consumption, …

Measuring and Optimizing Perceptual Quality in Online Video (June)

When it comes to online video, there are few issues more annoying to viewers than poor visual quality. A bad visual experience can significantly impact …

Methodologies and Mechanisms for Keeping Online Video Secure (July)

Piracy is a critical concern for both content owners and OTT providers. In many cases, a multi-faceted security architecture is required as part of content …

Reducing Churn, Building Engagement, and Delighting Subscribers (August)

Viewer churn is the OTT killer. But keeping subscribers engaged and coming back to a service involves more than just great content. It requires a …

Downloading and the Future of Video Consumption (September)

One thing is clear about consumer behavior when it comes to watching video-on-demand: people want to watch it whenever and wherever they want. Unfortunately, especially …

Transitioning Video Delivery to the Cloud: Best Practices (November)

The real transition from traditional TV broadcast to online video is happening behind the scenes as incumbents and new providers embrace cloud resources to provide …


Mobile Phones: Changing the Online Video Landscape (March)

The mobile phone is changing the video landscape. Consumers are flocking to their smaller screens in record numbers to watch everything from live events to …

How To Make a Better Online Video Experience (April)

Your video streaming has to be broadcast quality. If it buffers too much, stutters, or is delivered consistently in a low bitrate, you’re liable to …

Making Sense of the Online Video Ecosystem (June)

Navigating the online video ecosystem can be daunting at best. There are so many vendors and so many categories, it’s difficult to know what technology …

Understanding Open Caching (October)

Part of delivering a great video experience means getting content as quickly to end users as possible. But when ISPs have to backhaul content from …

Advertising and the Video Experience (November)

Let’s face it: consumers hate advertising. But, it’s one of the primary means by which to monetize online video so it isn’t going away anytime …


The Future of Television is Now. Are You Ready? (September)

How people watch television is changing. No longer are they tied to their couches or an arbitrary programming guide. They are watching video from wherever …

Building the Ultimate Streaming Architecture (October)

So you want to stream video but don’t want to use YouTube? That requires setting up and hosting a number of different components so that …

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