Mobile Phones: Changing the Online Video Landscape

Mobile Phones: Changing the Online Video Landscape (March 27, 2017)
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March 27, 2017 (9am PST)

The mobile phone is changing the video landscape. Consumers are flocking to their smaller screens in record numbers to watch everything from live events to news to full-length shows and movies. But what’s driving this new behavior? And how can you take advantage of it as you develop your own streaming video strategy? In this webinar, we will explore consumer research from both the Streaming Video Alliance and the Ericsson ConsumerLab that digs into this growing phenomenon, providing useful insights that shed light on why consumers are using their mobile phones more often to watch video. You’ll leave this webinar not only with a better understanding of consumer behavior, but with useful insights that can help shape the way you deliver your own online video.

This webinar was presented by Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance, and Anders Erlandsson, Senior Advisor at Ericsson ConsumerLab.

About the Streaming Video Alliance

The Streaming Video Alliance is a global consortium of companies dedicated to helping shape the future of streaming video through the publication of best practices, guidelines, specifications, and requirements. The Alliance is the only streaming video industry forum representing a true cross-section of the value chain. Service providers, network operators, content owners, and technology providers are all collaborating together to build a future where streaming video is “broadcast quality.”

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