Video Delivery Trends for 2019

Video Delivery Trends for 2019 (February 28, 2019)
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February 28, 2019 (10am PST)

Despite its growing popularity, streaming video is a relatively young technology, especially when compared to traditional broadcast television. As such, it is still undergoing rapid change and evolution. From codecs to protocols to engagement and advertising, new ways to create a better streaming experience are continually being developed and evolved. In this webinar, we’ll explore some of the exciting streaming video trends for 2019. What new technologies will come into the market? Will any incumbent technologies fall by the wayside? Are there any signals that consumer viewing patterns and behaviors are changing?

Panelists for this exciting webinar include:

  • Guillaume Bichot (Broadpeak)
  • Johan Bolin (Edgeware)
  • Keith Weinberger (Limelight Networks)
  • Josh Pressnell (Penthera)
  • Pierre-Louis Theron (Streamroot)

This webinar will be moderated by Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance. You can follow Jason on Twitter @_jasonthibeault.

About the Streaming Video Alliance

The Streaming Video Alliance is a global consortium of companies dedicated to helping shape the future of streaming video through the publication of best practices, guidelines, specifications, and requirements. The Alliance is the only streaming video industry forum representing a true cross-section of the value chain. Service providers, network operators, content owners, and technology providers are all collaborating together to build a future where streaming video is “broadcast quality.”

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