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Meet Our First Group Of Fellows

The Streaming Video Alliance is proud to honor these three people as our inaugural Fellows: Roger Pantos (Industry Fellow), Sanjay Mishra (Technical Fellow), and Brian Stevenson (Technical Fellow). Click on this slide to learn more!

Roger Pantos
Sanjay Mishra
Brian Stevenson
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Industry Glossary
A New Streaming Video Glossary

Getting everyone on the same page is critical to solving technical challenges. That starts with the language we use to talk about those challenges. This glossary, developed by the members of the Streaming Video Alliance, represents a collaborative effort to define a common language for the industry.

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The Streaming Video Alliance Works To Make Streaming Better

Streaming video is exploding in popularity. Consumers are watching more video online across a myriad of devices. But, the streaming experiences, across providers, can be wildly different from each other which ultimately hurts adoption. The problem is a lack of collaboration within the industry. All of the streaming providers and broadcasters are building their online video solutions with no guidance. They are doing what they have to do to make it work for their subscribers.


The Streaming Video Alliance provides a forum for collaboration to improve interoperability among operators, providers, and vendors. Together, companies from across the video ecosystem work to build best practices and specifications that ensure a more consistent end-user experience and promote further adoption of online video.

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Published Technical Documents

Below are some recent technical publications produced by our Working Groups. You can see the full list here.

Draft Technical Documents

Below are some documents currently under development by Streaming Video Alliance working groups.

Metadata Landscape

The evolution of content distribution models over the past decades has introduced a tremendous amount of flexibility for content processing and delivery. The availability of …

(DRAFT) Home Storage Open Caching Node

The Home Storage Open Caching Node (HS-OCN) project adds functionality to the open caching system to further improve quality of experience (QoE) on networks with …

(DRAFT) 5G and the Edge Cloud for Streaming Video

As mobile networks evolved, became faster and offered more and more bandwidth, consumer habits also changed. Users began to adopt data-hungry activities like streaming video, …

(DRAFT) Open Caching Capacity Interface

This document defines the specification for an API to retrieve capacity metrics from an Open Caching Node.

The future is coming. How are you helping to shape it?

Our Technical Groups

The Streaming Video Alliance has a number of different technical groups to solve critical challenges across the streaming video ecosystem. Click on one to find out more.


The Advertising Working Group works to define and develop best practices around the integration and operational processes for ad-supported streaming services.

Edge Storage

The Edge Storage Working Group (a sub-group of Open Caching) works to define how storage in the home and at the network edge can be employed to improve the viewer experience.


The Geo Working Group (a sub-group of Network and Transport) works to define specifications and best practices for how geographical data can be used in streaming video.

Live Streaming

The Live Streaming Working Group works to define industry best practices that address the technical challenges involved in streaming high quality at global scale.


The Metadata Working Group will propose metadata definitions and enhancements to existing standards to provide better interoperability and scale for the streaming industry.


The Measurement/QoE Working Group works to identify metrics, establish guidelines on how to calculate them, and to create best practices on implementing a system to capture QoE and other measurement data.

Network & Transport

The Network and Transport Working Group works to identify the characteristics of audience growth that would require rapid scaling and establish architecture guidelines to meet them.

Open Caching

The Open Caching Working Group works to identify the critical components of a non-proprietary caching system and establish basic architectural guidelines for implementation.

Player and Playback

The Player and Playback Study Group works to understand the technical challenges facing player implementation and optimization across the device ecosystem.

Privacy & Protection

The Privacy and Protection Working Group focuses on identifying critical data elements to collect and to describe the different methods by which to safeguard this data during storage and usage.

Virtual Reality

The VR/360-Degree Video Study Group works to understand the VR market and how it is impacting traditional video experiences while capturing the state of VR technologies, the players, and use-cases.

Questions About the Alliance?

Below are some common questions people have about the Streaming Video Alliance. You can find more here, or ask your own question!

No. The Alliance will submit any draft specifications created to the appropriate standards body (e.g. IETF, CTA, etc.) for ratification. We have formed a number of liaisons with other industry bodies and we will continue to do so as we create a network.

The Streaming Video Alliance has two primary membership levels. The first level, supporting, is designed for companies that want to listen and observe but can’t commit to contributing. This means they can attend meetings and working group sessions but can’t contribute to documents (such as reviewing or writing sections), can’t lead projects, can’t chair working groups, etc. The second level, principal, is designed for companies seeking to actively participate in one or more working groups. They can lead projects, act as working group chairs, vote on publications, be voted to the board (two board seats are reserved for principal members), and contribute to documents.

The Streaming Video Alliance has three primary goals. First, is to educate the industry on the challenges of delivering the highest-quality possible viewer experience for streaming video at scale. Second, is to provide a forum for streaming video industry companies to collaborate. Third, is to define solutions to those technical challenges through best practices, guidelines, specifications, and more.

The Alliance is a non-profit, non-equity, 501 (c)(6) organization incorporated in the state of Delaware. The Alliance is governed by the Board of Directors and managed by an experienced team.

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Alliance Responds to New HLS Content Steering Proposal

Earlier this year, a new proposal was submitted by Apple to the HLS specification which addressed CDN switching. The proposal, HLS Content Steering Proposal 1.1b1, was posted to the IETF hls-interest mailing list for comment, where it received considerable feedback regarding the proposal’s lack of compatibility with typical CDN tokenization schemes. An ad-hoc group from

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Exposing the Inner Workings of Streaming Video

Exposing the Inner Workings of Streaming Video What many people outside of the industry don’t understand is how complicated it is to deliver streaming video. Unlike broadcast television, which is based on standardized, interoperable technology, much of the streaming video stack needs to be connected together in an ad-hoc fashion through APIs or customer integrations.

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Congratulations to Our Emmy Award-Winning Members!

As an organization devoted to providing a collaborative forum for companies to solve critical technology challenges in the streaming video industry, we are overjoyed to see so many of our member companies achieve such a pinnacle of technical achievement by winning a 2021 Emmy Award. It will be amazing to see how we can incorporate

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Making Streaming Video Better

The Streaming Video Alliance is committed to bringing video streaming companies together to help build a better viewer experience at scale.

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